DUI, DWI Cases in Dallas and Their Impact on Your Car Insurance Rates

It would be better not to happen to anyone, but in certain cases, it can happen to the best of us: in Dallas (just as in many other parts of the country, for that matter), people driving while intoxicated or people driving under the influence aren’t cut a slack from the authorities, as they are thrown into a world of troubles, which include fines and penalties, a trial, a sentence and sometimes, even a conviction. However, if you managed to get away only with some penalties, the next trip you are going to make is to your car insurer’s office. The most important and frequent question people ask related to DUI, DWI cases in Dallas and car insurance is whether or not their rates will explode.

Just as Dallas law specialists say, there aren’t two people who went through the same DUI, DWI cases in Dallas and got the same costs or penalties. However, we are speaking about thousands of dollars and, the most important piece of information you should keep in mind,

If convicted of impaired driving, Texas drivers face direct costs imposed by the court and indirect costs such as higher auto insurance rates.

This pretty much answers the question, but what is more important, is that you talk to your insuring company. First and foremost, you have to expect higher rates in the future, and in the worst case scenario, a drop – off from your insurer’s part. In Dallas, the risk of being dropped by your insurer is quite high, as you are a risk of insurability for the company, but fortunately, there are alternative means and programs for high – risk drivers. However, if the company agrees to keep you car insurance policy, you will need in turn to keep a very clean record from that point on, so that your rates lower in the future. Still, you should not expect a pardoning any time soon: statistically speaking, higher insurance rates in DUI, DWI cases in Dallas have been kept high for years.

Another issue you need to be informed about is the minimum liability insurance you have to show proof of to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Since in Dallas all drivers are required to have liability insurance, in the case of a DWI conviction, you will need to file an SR-22 and keep it updated for another two years starting with the date of the conviction.

Some specialists recommend the following actions in order for you to lower the financial burden subsequent to increased insurance rates:

–          Maintain a clean driving record, with no speeding tickets, parking tickets or other similar infractions

–          Never drink and drive again

–          Improve your overall credit rating

–          Pay your bills on time

–          Take safe-driving courses and make sure your insuring company knows you successfully completed them

–          Use a car that has been already paid – off if you really need to drive, although many suggest to move closer to the workplace, use public transportation or carpool

Besides running to the insurance company to discuss your DWI / DUI case, you should also consult with your lawyer, to find means of fighting the charges and with a financial consultant that can help you make the best decisions for your future finances, so you don’t get suffocated by the higher insurance premiums.