Dallas Proof-of-Insurance Ordinance Results in Tows of Illegal Owned Cars

Hand with money and toy carIf you were not sure just how important Dallas auto insurance is, let’s us tell you about an interesting thing that happened one month ago. Apparently, an action by the Dallas City Council led to many local vehicles to be impounded, 80% of which were owned by illegal immigrants. In other words, local authorities tried to solve the problem of auto-insurances, but actually caught an even bigger fish. The ordinance was pretty simple. If a driver is pulled over by lawn enforcement officers and is not able to provide proof-of-insurance, his car will be towed.

The only way to get the car back is by providing proof of insurance. It sounded like a great plan, but shortly after the ordinance was passed, the Dallas impound was overflowing with more than 80% of cars driven by illegals. Not only did car owners have to provide proof of their insurance and identity, but they also had to pay 350$ for the impound, and a 20$ storage fee extra for every day spend in the pound.

This information first reached us through an email, a while back, and after careful study we found out that this ordinance was indeed passed back in 2008. But what does it all mean to you? To be completely frank, the decision made by Dallas law enforcement was really good. Although the impound managed to fill up after only nine days, it seems that Dallas residents were encouraged to make insurances. If you are driving about in an uninsured car, the following thing could happen to you:

 “Drivers stopped for a traffic violation who cannot show proof of auto insurance meeting state requirements will be issued a citation and will have his or her vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.”

This is what the ordinance states, but it seems, however, that police officers may use discretion in deciding if the car will be impounded or not. In this regard, a former Dallas City Council member also shed some light. He stated that he wanted to offer a change to the ordinance because there are people that can really get hurt (he was referring to middle or lower income people who can’t afford repairs if they get hit). The truth is that being in an accident, with a person that isn’t insured, can really place a heavy financial burden on you, so Dallas was only trying to protect its residents by meeting state requirements. This is why proof-of-insurance is so important.

Are Illegal Residents Affected by the Dallas Ordinance?

You have probably also received the chain-mail which claims that city impounds were filled in only nine days, but Walton, from Dallas’s Police Department stated that the impounds didn’t even come close to capacity. If this is true or not, we might never know. The fact is that police officials don’t usually ask people about their citizenship in this situation. In addition to this, you don’t require citizenship to purchase a car in Dallas. However, without it, you cannot get an auto insurance, so it may be possible that they are also driving around, and provoking accidents without having to pay for them.

While Dallas’s counter measure for uninsured cars was inspired, it still creates problems for low and middle-range income residents. Also, there was no report that accident rates plunged with 47% percent, or the police would have been eager to share that information with the public. The conclusion is that you should have your car insured no matter the situation, and always carry the proof-of-insurance with you.