Affordable Liability Coverage Money Saving Tips


Everybody wants to save money, especially since the economy isn't experiencing its brightest days. When it comes to sourcing our insurance products, auto insurance and public liability, the whole idea is to strike the balance between the cost of a prospective policy against the cover level it offers. The idea is, that a cheap liability coverage can be great, but if it does not include the essential coverage, you might end up losing more than you … [Read more...]

Dallas Proof-of-Insurance Ordinance Results in Tows of Illegal Owned Cars

Hand with money and toy car

If you were not sure just how important Dallas auto insurance is, let's us tell you about an interesting thing that happened one month ago. Apparently, an action by the Dallas City Council led to many local vehicles to be impounded, 80% of which were owned by illegal immigrants. In other words, local authorities tried to solve the problem of auto-insurances, but actually caught an even bigger fish. The ordinance was pretty simple. If a driver is … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Buy Dallas Auto Insurance Today


In a nutshell, if you live in Dallas and own and/or drive a car, you need car insurance. Of course, if you’ve just purchased your first vehicle, moved to Dallas from out of state, or have never held any sort of insurance policy before, the rules and regulations that govern the Texas car coverage system might seem a bit daunting for you. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top four reasons to buy Dallas auto insurance, perfect for assisting … [Read more...]

5 Things to Teach Your Kids about Dallas Car Insurance


Car insurance may not be the most exciting topic in the world, especially for a teenager. However, if your kid is old enough to drive, then they’re definitely also old enough to know about vehicle coverage. Today’s post brings up five things your kids need to know about vehicle coverage in Dallas. And it’s a good idea to teach your kids about Dallas car insurance now, because they will not stay kids (i.e. insured under your car coverage policy) … [Read more...]

What Are My Car Coverage Options in Dallas? 3 FAQs


As you probably already know by now, Texas state laws mandate all motorists on public laws to be covered by insurance. They are also responsible for covering all the costs of any car crashes they cause, be they medical expenses, damages, or costs of any other nature. As such, risking a moving violation while not insured is not really an option. But what are the essential car coverage options in Dallas? We answer three frequently asked questions … [Read more...]

How Do Dallas Car Insurers Track Drivers?


If you own and drive a car in Dallas, Texas, then you probably already know that your driving track record can come to negatively or positively influence the price you pay on your insurance premium. Good drivers are typically offered lower vehicle insurance rates, as a way of encouraging their good behavior. Yet, since some insurers have argued that police records alone are no longer enough to determine whether or not a driver does actually … [Read more...]

5 Winter Car Insurance Tips for Dallas Drivers


Some may enjoy the onset of cooler weather, which the winter season brings on in Dallas, but there are plenty of causes for worry, too, come the cold. For one thing, expenses on heating and other bills usually increase in winter, which is why many homeowners and bread winners choose to re-budget their income with that reality in mind. This is why we’re bringing you five winter car insurance tips right before winter rolls around: if there’s any … [Read more...]

Are Uninsured Cars Towed in Dallas?

In August 2012, a rumor started circulating on the Internet, that there had been many uninsured cars towed in Dallas. The rumor was founded on a recently passed ordinance by the City of Dallas, Texas, according to which if the Police pull over a car and the driver cannot prove the vehicle is insured, the car will get towed. Following the impound of the vehicle, the owner cannot retrieve their car without providing evidence that the car has been … [Read more...]

Tips for Seeking the Best Auto Insurance Quote

Seeking the Best Auto Insurance Quote Online

There are several ways to seek out an auto insurance quote in order to find the best features on a policy for the lowest price. Smart drivers who want to get the best value on a car insurance policy for the money they spend usually get quotes from at least three different insurance vendors licensed to sell business in their state. Only Wisconsin and New Hampshire lack any financial responsibility laws for drivers which means that drivers are not … [Read more...]

Texas Car Insurance Rates Increase – State Ranks 11th in the US


Last year, an important change was noted in terms of state ranking by vehicle coverage quotes: a significant Texas car insurance rates increase placed the state at number 11 in the chart of the U.S.’s highest premiums. The information was supplied by a regulating body in the car insurance industry, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (or NAIC), which pooled vehicle insurance quotes from all states in the nation. Texas car … [Read more...]