How to Get Car Insurance With Bad Credit


Not everybody has the perfect portfolio: suburban parent with a pristine record. Many drivers had bad credit, and this means that it is nearly impossible for them to get car insurance. Nevertheless, if you are willing to follow these tricks, you will eventually obtain auto insurance even with a credit challenged situation. The first thing you should think about is the fact that there are many policies and plans that can lower monthly payments. … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Avoid Expensive Dallas Car Insurance


The relationship between car insurance premiums and the issue of cost is often complex – on the one hand you don’t want to end up spending more than you can afford on coverage, while on the other you want to make sure you’re properly insured. Most people who choose to have their cars properly insured, though, are willing to go that extra mile, as long as they feel they’re getting enough bang for their buck. If you’re here because you want to … [Read more...]

5 Winter Car Insurance Tips for Dallas Drivers


Some may enjoy the onset of cooler weather, which the winter season brings on in Dallas, but there are plenty of causes for worry, too, come the cold. For one thing, expenses on heating and other bills usually increase in winter, which is why many homeowners and bread winners choose to re-budget their income with that reality in mind. This is why we’re bringing you five winter car insurance tips right before winter rolls around: if there’s any … [Read more...]

State Farm Group Ranks First in Auto Insurance Market Share

State Farm Group Ranks First in Auto Insurance Market Share

State Farm Group Takes the Driver's Seat in the Auto Insurance Race The State Farm Group ranks first in market share among the top 25 major auto insurance companies in the United States, with slightly more than 18% of the auto insurance market secured by this Bloomington, Illinois-headquartered business. According to its latest 2011 revenue statement, State Farm also ranks 37th on the Fortune 500 list. Started as an Auto Insurer for Farmers When … [Read more...]