The 5 Top Dallas Car Insurance Companies to Check out


Buying insurance of any kind is never easy and this definitely also applies to car insurance. To further complicate things, Texas is one of those states in which driving down a public road without any car coverage is illegal. In other words, you have no choice but to select a coverage provider, unless you want to risk a fine. Now, we here at Free Dallas Car Insurance Quotes have discussed top insurers for vehicles before, but since the end of the … [Read more...]

5 Winter Car Insurance Tips for Dallas Drivers


Some may enjoy the onset of cooler weather, which the winter season brings on in Dallas, but there are plenty of causes for worry, too, come the cold. For one thing, expenses on heating and other bills usually increase in winter, which is why many homeowners and bread winners choose to re-budget their income with that reality in mind. This is why we’re bringing you five winter car insurance tips right before winter rolls around: if there’s any … [Read more...]

Mercury Insurance Serves As Low Cost Alternative

Mercury Insurance Group and Good Drivers

Mercury Insurance Group Caters to Good Drivers Mercury Insurance Group is among the youngest of America's auto insurance providers, having been founded in 1961 by insurance industry employee George Joseph. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Mercury Insurance found its niche among the many drivers who represented a better than average risk thanks to good driving records in exchange for receiving lower insurance premiums. In a study of the top 25 of the … [Read more...]

State Farm Group Ranks First in Auto Insurance Market Share

State Farm Group Ranks First in Auto Insurance Market Share

State Farm Group Takes the Driver's Seat in the Auto Insurance Race The State Farm Group ranks first in market share among the top 25 major auto insurance companies in the United States, with slightly more than 18% of the auto insurance market secured by this Bloomington, Illinois-headquartered business. According to its latest 2011 revenue statement, State Farm also ranks 37th on the Fortune 500 list. Started as an Auto Insurer for Farmers When … [Read more...]