Texas Car Insurance Ratings Provide Important Information

The state of Texas requires that all drivers show proof of financial responsibility by purchasing a minimum amount of liability insurance to cover damages and injuries that may occur in the event they are involved in an automobile accident. And just like any product or service that a consumer purchases, it’s important for individuals looking to purchase auto liability insurance to take the time to investigate Texas car insurance ratings to see how they compare with the competition. Texas drivers should make the effort to ensure that the company handling their automobile liability insurance needs is stabile and reliable enough to be there to provide the coverage they pay for after an accident occurs and there are repairs, damages and medical expenses that need to be paid for. Few things can be worse than getting insurance without knowing something about how the company is rated and most likely to perform and then having an accident and finding out the insurance company has a history of failing to deliver on its promises.

Top 40 Insurers

The Texas Department of Insurance provides state residents with a list of the top 40 private passenger auto insurance companies servicing drivers within the state. Each company’s rank is based on the number of policies they have written and their share of the Texas auto insurance market. Many of the insurance industries major players are represented among the top ten ranked automobile insurers licensed to sell automobile liability policies within the state of Texas.

These include number one rated State Farm Insurance, capturing slightly more than 18 percent of the market share and almost 2.5 million customers; Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance, at 9.3 percent share and 1.3 million policies written; Progressive County Mutual Insurance at third place, with almost 1.2 million policies written representing an almost 9 percent market share; Government Employees Insurance Company at fourth, with 4.83 percent of the market and close to 700,000 policies written; Allstate Fire and Casualty Company closing the gap on fifth place with 4.73 percent market share and almost 650,000 policies written; Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Company and Allstate Indemnity Company at sixth and seventh place respectively and three percent market share; with United State Automobile Association, Home State County Mutual Insurance and Consumers County Mutual Insurance rounding out the top 10, capturing slightly more than 2.5 percent each of the overall market.

Consumer Top Rated

When consumers were asked directly in research polls to rate their favorite Texas car insurance companies based on satisfaction and customer responsiveness, three insurance vendors were singled out as top rated. These include Geico Insurance, Esurance and Progressive. In terms of best value for the money, Geico, The General Insurance, Elephant Auto Insurance and Mercury Insurance Group received the highest ratings from customers who had used their services to secure automobile insurance.

Handling Problems

The Texas Department of Insurance is very proactive in letting Texas drivers know that they have recourse if they feel they have been mistreated by their chosen auto insurance company. The department’s online website offers consumers a place to research insurance company profiles to see their financial data as well as the number of complaints that have been lodged against them in addition to offering a way to file a complaint against an automobile insurer using an online form. There are also annual Complaint Indexes posted by the Texas Department of Insurance that list all insurance companies by name, along with the number of complaints filed against them during the most recent calendar year compared with the number of total automobile policies the company has underwritten in order to show a complaint