Tips for Seeking the Best Auto Insurance Quote

There are several ways to seek out an auto insurance quote in order to find the best features on a policy for the lowest price. Smart drivers who want to get the best value on a car insurance policy for the money they spend usually get quotes from at least three different insurance vendors licensed to sell business in their state. Only Wisconsin and New Hampshire lack any financial responsibility laws for drivers which means that drivers are not required to carry minimum amounts of liability insurance in these states. But all other states require that drivers demonstrate that they can pay for any damages they cause to the property or persons of others by carrying liability insurance. To avoid fines, legal expenses, license and registration suspensions and possible jail time, drivers need to know how to seek out the best auto insurance quote in order to provide proof of insurance to comply with the limits established by their state’s financial responsibility law.

The Best Auto Insurance Quote at Your Fingertips

Seeking the Best Auto Insurance Quote OnlineThe first way to seek out the best auto insurance quote is also the most easy and convenient. All major insurance carriers offer prospective customers easy to navigate websites where a driver can request a free no obligation quote at any hour of the day or night, weekends and holidays included. All the driver needs to do in plug in some vital information in order to receive price quotes for liability insurance. It’s a good idea for a driver to have gathered some important information ahead of time and keep it handy by their computer or laptop so that the rate information is based on accurate information they have provided to the insurance company.

Pertinent Info to Give to Car Insurer

Some of the things that an insurer needs to know is the driver’s zip code of residence, the mileage, make and model of the vehicle they drive, approximately how many miles they drive annually and whether their driving is for business or pleasure or both, their driver’s license number and specific information about any traffic accidents or ticketed moving violations that the driver has encountered within the past three to five years. Although the law only requires a minimum amount of liability insurance in order to drive legally, most drivers when getting a rate quote also investigate getting a secondary quote for a policy that covers comprehensive damage to their automobile that occurs from an incident other than a traffic collision such as theft, vandalism or storm damage. In addition, policy quotes can include coverage for medical expenses, personal injury protection, collision, uninsured motorist and special services such as towing from an accident scene and reimbursement for any rental charges to use a temporary vehicle while the driver’s damaged automobile is being repaired. Having insurance beyond the state-mandated liability minimum protects a driver from financial devastation in the event of an accident.

In addition to insurance company’s individual corporate websites offering free insurance quotes, there are a number of reputable online insurance comparison websites. These sites offer a quick and easy way to compare insurance rates from several major providers. They save prospective customers time and money since they don’t have to travel to several insurance company offices to get the best auto insurance quote and then compare the data they have collected with each other.

Dial a ‘Friend’ to Get the Best Auto Insurance Quote

A second way to seek out an auto insurance quote is by phone contact. Some people prefer to speak with a live agent when they are doing research regarding the best auto insurance quote for their specific circumstances and they like the immediacy of being able to ask the agent questions directly. A third way to get the best auto insurance quote is to visit insurance offices personally with the driver’s personal driving history and vehicle data in hand in order to find out what plans the insurance vendor can offer them in addition to the basic liability policy required by state financial responsibility laws.

Auto Insurance Quotes and Discounts

No matter what method a driver uses when seeking the best auto insurance quote, it’s a good idea to ask the insurance company if it offers any discount programs rewarding certain driving behaviors. Many insurance premiums can be lowered by qualifying for such insurance discount programs as a good driving record within the past 36 months, maintaining a B average or better if still a college student, successful completion of a defensive driver education course, securing more than one type of insurance policy from the company or having more than one automobile listed on a policy. Discount programs can lower even the best auto insurance quote by as much as 50 percent.