The 5 Top Dallas Car Insurance Companies to Check out

top-dallas-car-insurance-companiesBuying insurance of any kind is never easy and this definitely also applies to car insurance. To further complicate things, Texas is one of those states in which driving down a public road without any car coverage is illegal. In other words, you have no choice but to select a coverage provider, unless you want to risk a fine. Now, we here at Free Dallas Car Insurance Quotes have discussed top insurers for vehicles before, but since the end of the year is nearing, we thought it’s a good idea to run a brief roundup of the top 5 Dallas car insurance companies to check out in 2014.


Liability coverage, PIP and UM/UIM coverage are all included by default in the standard car insurance policies from Allstate. You can also select optional coverage policies for collision, comprehensive car insurance, medical payments, towing, and rent reimbursement. Your policy will come at different costs, depending on how old you are, where you live, your driver’s record, and the brand of car you drive. It’s the second option among Dallas car insurance and 10 per cent of all Texas motorists are covered by one of their policies.

State Farm

There’s no beating State Farm, when it comes to identifying the top Dallas car insurance companies. According to the most recent statistics, it’s the number one provider in the state, with 28.09 per cent of all Texas residents registered for car insurance with them. It offers important discounts for good drivers, those with anti-theft devices installed, as well as for owning more than just one car insured with them. Most reviews of their services are positive, especially in terms of customer services.


Only those serving in the military are eligible for Dallas car insurance from the USAA, but they are in for a boon, since the company is generally positively reviewed. They have seen some sporadic complaints regarding customer services, but, all in all, their services are appreciated by most clients. Their rates are also comparatively low in Dallas, Texas, as well as in other U.S. states.

21st Century

21st century offers all kinds of vehicle coverage in Dallas, including mandatory and optional policies. Its market prices are competitive and the company also comes with the edge of discount eligibility offered to some of its clients. You can benefit from a discount if you own several cars or purchase home insurance from the company. However, client reviews say 21st Century isn’t always up to par in terms of customer services and sometimes also has issues with claims and costs.


Geico is a one stop shop for car insurance, as well as one of the top Dallas car insurance companies, since it also offers extras. You can shop for UM/UIM insurance with them and they can also cover your medical payments needs. Members are generally happy with the company and praise the quality of their services, as well as their low costs. All in all, Geico sounds like a good option for those looking to save on car insurance.